Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peace It is possible...isn't it?

In all of my years of studying symbols and myths, I came across this symbol, which is actually the peace symbol, based on the tree of life.  How much do symbols impact us?  Well when you consider that the 'peace' symbol that has been circulating for years actually means death, it kind of resonated with me.  Everyone remembers the Vietnam war protests and just about any war protest that you think about usually results in some form of violence.  The question of the day, that stumps my logic:  How do we equate peace with war? 
Go for a walk sometime.  Look at the world around you.  Really look.  In the cities with our concrete surroundings, perhaps there might be nature surrounding community.  Perhaps there is a park to take a walk in.  Perhaps there is nothing around you for acres and you can actually look up and see the stars at night.  Now just listen.  Silence doesn't exist.  Your heart beats, you breathe, perhaps you can still hear the traffic or the sound of nature.  That is called life.  We don't notice it enough, but right now it feels like we really need to notice life, and what matters.  What really matters is ending all of the games and realizing we need to take care of what is all around us.  Forget about the agendas of others trying to stir up hate and fear.  We need to get to a place of peace within and heal ourselves from our mentality of having to have it all.  There is no way we can digest money if there are no crops.  There is no way we can educate our children if we just teach to a test.  There is no way we can understand each other if we are driven to hate each other.  There is no way any mother, father, wife, brother or sister needs to send someone they love off to fight in wars that are about fear and global domination. 
So how do we stop this hate and fear treadmill we are on?  Take a look around you.  You start with you.  Perhaps you need to go into a hall of mirrors and look at yourself.  Do you love yourself enough to start with being at peace with who you are?  Do you really need to control or dominate the people around you?  I thought we were human and doesn't that mean we can reason with each other?  Or are we animals still?  It is amazing what we can create. 
Peace is not an expletive, it is a state of being.


  1. Oh, this is so moving! You've addressed a question that tickles my mind most every day. I'm going to have to print this out when I get home because I need to read it daily till it all sinks in.

    I honestly think a part of our animal nature resides in us in a good way. Animals don't take from the earth more than they need to survive. When we feel the weight of the beauty of nature, I believe that's our animal part waking up in a good way. But we have all these confusing human instincts to wander through. The more often we wander in peaceful ways, the further we get from being a war-making species. At least, that has been my hope and that's what I'm hearing in this post. We CAN create peace, it's not really that hard. Like self-love, it's already here. It's something to surrender to, not something we have to create. We simply need to put down the weapons and let peace imbue our beings.

    You made so many good points! Thank you very much.

  2. Touch as many lives in a genuine way, without the thought of how one can profit or gain. That is what I think about. The impact is not about being a success or failure...

  3. Time to stop trying to play God, because "playing" God insinuates that we are not. We are each already all powerful. And each indivudual has the power to shape the universe. Accept responsibility and do what is right. If every single person could connect to that fact, the game would end. Stop buying Nike's starting today - the sweatshops disappear. Don't buy junk food - the junk pushers go away. Stop utilizing banks - the banks go away. Refuse to go to war - the wars stop - because the people who want them, aren't the ones that will fight them. Ever. Peace is right there for the taking. If we listen to ourselves we know it is the right thing to do. If people have to hide to accomplish something, then they already know it is wrong and it damages who they were meant to be. Be peace and light - that is our natural state.

  4. Perhaps we just need to change ourselves...

  5. A lovely post and now I feel peaceful. This post and a cup of chamomile tea did the trick :)

  6. You took the words right out of my heart, could not agree any more with this blog!!

  7. I only recently discovered that the Pleadians use the peace symbol like your pic above - and it's The upright version means which means life, or like you said, tree of life, reaching for the heavens/stars. I'm sure you've seen it. The traditional 'peace' symbol upside down... and yes, it means death... thought it was interesting.


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