Sunday, October 17, 2010

We ArE NaKeD uNdEr OuR cLoThEs

Is it really that bad?  Often when people look back on their lives, some of the happiest moments they recall was when they were down and out and had nothing to lose.  They were going in the direction of their dreams and desires and perhaps were a bit 'skint'.  Perhaps they had to get creative and figure out how they could live off of 'impossible' sums of money, but that didn't bother them.  Why?  They just kept going forward, believing that someday they would get the life they wanted.

Years later, people look back, often wishing for those days when they didn't know it all.  Somehow those days seemed to have more magic and made people seem more alive.  It was easier to tell who your real friends were.  No one seemed to be into you for anything they could get out of you, and somehow life seemed to have somehow changed.  Physically, mentally, emotionally or even financially you are at a difference place.  There are people that say they wouldn't want to be 20 again because they didn't know who they were at the time.  A lot of people say they hated the struggles they went through.  Others, though, have that glimmer in their eyes and talk about the adventure it was.

Have you noticed when reading the old biographies of the rich and famous, many of them came up out of 'impossible' circumstances.  Even some of the most powerful people in the world who came into power, seemed to have come up from nowhere, just with a little dream that kept cycling in their heads about how things could be better.  The characteristics of love and gratitude and really caring about others were common threads that ran through these lives.  What makes a person believe they can get past the 'Oh Shit" stage of life?

This really isn't a 'forbidden question', but more of a question of what makes people get out of the ruts they are in.  Do you believe enough in yourself to get to that path, that 'destiny' you have planned for yourself?  At what point do you tell yourself there has to be more?  Is there more?  Do you know?

We all wrestle with these things and it all comes back to really identifying what you want.  Is it just about having a job?  Having money?  Having things?

Or is the right question really about what you can give along the way.  It's easy to destroy our hopes and dreams.  It's easy to feel like we aren't what others want or need...but whoever said that is what we had to be?  The hardest thing for most people to be is exactly who they are and to realize that in order to achieve the dreams they have, it requires an act of faith to keep going.  There will always be people who say you can't do it.

You are the only one who has to say you can.  It's your naked life.


  1. Wow. I think I've been in the "Oh shit!" stage for my whole adult life. I've struggled, and continue to struggle with money and even with only the absolutely necessary bills, I falter. However, I also see how much I've grown in my life and in myself. I have achieved so much just in who I am and to be honest, I would much rather have these rewards than to be making a lot of money. I have long since given up the desire to be rich. I don't believe in the illusion (read: delusion) that a lot of money would make me happy. I can say I would like to have enough to not have to worry anymore, to pay every bill on time and with ease, but that's just not where my life is right now. What's become most important to me in reality (which is relative, I guess) is what I can give. It's just what you said here. I have so much love in my heart for the world and I'm sure there is a way I can use that to help others heal and feel well. I won't stop dreaming of a time when we all see one another for our true worth, that which is inside and that which we share. Money has no intrinsic value, it means nothing to me. Maybe that's why I'm not great with it. I'll work on that but not at the expense (bad pun) of my true work.

  2. know yourself and the rest follows...only you determine what that is.

  3. your post does help me think about things relating to where I am at in my life at this very moment.
    But how does one choose to change a path they are on when they are viewed to be or feel they need to be who they are because those around them expect them to just be this way.

    There are so many things about my life I would like to change, experience, integrate into my life...and yet, how can I when all I feel is the old cliche you have made your bed now lay in it.

  4. While you breathe you have a choice.

  5. I learned to stop worrying about the future. This includes having to stop my manic planning, planning planning...

    I am learning to enjoy the little things I used to take for granted and embrace things that makes me happy and gives me peace

    Lovely blog Marilyn!

  6. Thank you Mena...and yes, was right with you on the plan my life path...balance comes to mind for me. Each person has to find their own way...and often I find myself listening more...and more and not trying to keep my pretty mouth shut.

  7. your post is trong, i also appreciate yours comments on my page, keep on going, doing art, whatever else! yes


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