Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Move Along Folks...There's Nothing To See Here"

Going...going...gone.  Another second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year.   Buttons to push.  Teeth to brush and be thankful for.  Hair to comb and a face to wash.  A reflection to look at.  Air to breathe and lungs that expand and collapse.  A body to dress with a message to the outside world.  My biggest decision do or not to do a thing.  It is the choice we make everyday.  A small kitten crying stirs me and I look at the helpless thing who runs off in fear.  It has no knowledge of my intention to help so I have to let it run off.  I can't force my help on it, the poor thing is skin and bones, a new born and afraid of the world.  It was born afraid.

I wonder about this new generation of kids.  They were born afraid too.  They see through the politics and frankly, like I am, they are tired of it.  We realize the media can't be trusted anymore.  So let's start asking the establishment for its due...but perhaps it is time to stop listening.  Frankly it is enough.  Imagine a news report that would start as follows, "There is nothing to report today.  There is no conflict.  All is well.  The world ended its problems and for some odd reason there really seems to be no reason to have conflict.  Experts are baffled by this problem.  They expect the world to be bored to death if we don't start something soon."  

In every story there needs to be a villain and someone to save the day.  We need the villain to assure ourselves that we are good and will make good choices.  We want to be safe.  We need to be aware of the dangers in life so we have a lot of people telling us what could make us sick and kill us, because our mortality is right at the forefront of our thoughts.  Death walks amongst the living in many forms.  We have people who make a living in professions of fear and violence.  We gotta get the bad guy.  We think what we are doing is a public service.  We even extend our fear factories into the afterlife.  How exciting!

Just imagine how bored we will be playing harps and singing praises.  Or, well, then again, we could be continuously devoured by darkness.  Oh hurray!!!  What kind of choices are those?  Who dreams this stuff?  We are told by others...who shared their visions of their expectations of what joy, bliss, hell is.  And we were all told that we HAD to believe them, for they were the only ones capable of getting messages from their god.  Bullshit!  After all it must be the same for each one and since there is absolutely zero risk of being wrong we can keep this game going for a long time and profit from it at the same time.

Take for example this mass speculation that is fueled off of the 17 calendars of prophecy.  We must ascend!  We must transcend!  We must do what exactly?  If I seem to have a 'lower vibration' than you or a 'higher one' than you...or believe this, that or the other kind of dream you pacify yourself with to hide from yourself....yawn.  Sweeping the hair out of my eyes so I can see a bit better...and keeping all of this 'reality' and 'otherspeak' in get people to realize it is time for you to please think.  To ask questions.  To not blindly trust gurus and messiahs.  Let me nudge you for a moment...out of your deep meditative states.  Check your water, your food, you mentality, look at your medications, the amount of electronic input you have...and check one more thing...your brain.  Be careful, people FIGHT for what they believe in, EVEN if those beliefs are based on imagination.  We tie our identities to strongly held beliefs.  That is our greatest mistake, it is our greatest weakness.  We don't trust ourselves.  We trust others.  We trust experts.  We trust teachers, preachers, gods, devils, religions and politicians.  We are patriotic missionary visionaries!  FOLLOW, but never dear one, ever lead.

Why don't people trust themselves anymore?  I thought about this question for a long time.  Why have we given over our voices to 'experts'?  Passively or violently we seem to be somehow pulled to the extremes...trying to figure out how to make this all work.  We WANT to believe someone, in something to justify our actions.  Sometimes we do need to close our eyes and feel the manipulation of our senses and decide to take control of them for ourselves.  Our blood pressure will go down and we might be able to see.  Is it that we don't want to be responsible for our own lives?

I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.  I don't need to save a single person.  You must think for yourself and those that need to shield themselves with a god or a religion might have to ask themselves why.  Why?  Aren't you good enough?  If your creator is perfect, then why are you flawed? But, you didn't know about sin until some adult told you about it...and when you believed the adult, you then sinned.  Isn't that how it works?  We are taught from the beginning to trust and then told to not trust.

One day...without pills, without drama...we might grow up and be brave enough to see, none of this has to be this way.  I don't expect you to change at all.  No, I believe I am responsible for my own life, my own development, and no I really don't care much for any group or guru that needs followers.  That is a fearful place for a lot of people.  When it comes right down to it, you have to teach yourself and let the world teach you as well.

What can you learn from the world?  That is easy.  It just is.  When you realize that part, well, you just keep moving along...there isn't anything to see.  Everyone has a lesson to learn along the way.  No one can do it for you or save you from it.

You just have to be yourself, it may take as long as a lifetime to learn how, but once you are, I believe that is when you are enlightened.   Perhaps you can actually be of some use in this world.  Anything else...well who needs another copy?  We have enough brands posing as people walking around this world, they say they want your love, but really it's just your money they want.  Ah, love...that is another will wait.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We ArE NaKeD uNdEr OuR cLoThEs

Is it really that bad?  Often when people look back on their lives, some of the happiest moments they recall was when they were down and out and had nothing to lose.  They were going in the direction of their dreams and desires and perhaps were a bit 'skint'.  Perhaps they had to get creative and figure out how they could live off of 'impossible' sums of money, but that didn't bother them.  Why?  They just kept going forward, believing that someday they would get the life they wanted.

Years later, people look back, often wishing for those days when they didn't know it all.  Somehow those days seemed to have more magic and made people seem more alive.  It was easier to tell who your real friends were.  No one seemed to be into you for anything they could get out of you, and somehow life seemed to have somehow changed.  Physically, mentally, emotionally or even financially you are at a difference place.  There are people that say they wouldn't want to be 20 again because they didn't know who they were at the time.  A lot of people say they hated the struggles they went through.  Others, though, have that glimmer in their eyes and talk about the adventure it was.

Have you noticed when reading the old biographies of the rich and famous, many of them came up out of 'impossible' circumstances.  Even some of the most powerful people in the world who came into power, seemed to have come up from nowhere, just with a little dream that kept cycling in their heads about how things could be better.  The characteristics of love and gratitude and really caring about others were common threads that ran through these lives.  What makes a person believe they can get past the 'Oh Shit" stage of life?

This really isn't a 'forbidden question', but more of a question of what makes people get out of the ruts they are in.  Do you believe enough in yourself to get to that path, that 'destiny' you have planned for yourself?  At what point do you tell yourself there has to be more?  Is there more?  Do you know?

We all wrestle with these things and it all comes back to really identifying what you want.  Is it just about having a job?  Having money?  Having things?

Or is the right question really about what you can give along the way.  It's easy to destroy our hopes and dreams.  It's easy to feel like we aren't what others want or need...but whoever said that is what we had to be?  The hardest thing for most people to be is exactly who they are and to realize that in order to achieve the dreams they have, it requires an act of faith to keep going.  There will always be people who say you can't do it.

You are the only one who has to say you can.  It's your naked life.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peace It is possible...isn't it?

In all of my years of studying symbols and myths, I came across this symbol, which is actually the peace symbol, based on the tree of life.  How much do symbols impact us?  Well when you consider that the 'peace' symbol that has been circulating for years actually means death, it kind of resonated with me.  Everyone remembers the Vietnam war protests and just about any war protest that you think about usually results in some form of violence.  The question of the day, that stumps my logic:  How do we equate peace with war? 
Go for a walk sometime.  Look at the world around you.  Really look.  In the cities with our concrete surroundings, perhaps there might be nature surrounding community.  Perhaps there is a park to take a walk in.  Perhaps there is nothing around you for acres and you can actually look up and see the stars at night.  Now just listen.  Silence doesn't exist.  Your heart beats, you breathe, perhaps you can still hear the traffic or the sound of nature.  That is called life.  We don't notice it enough, but right now it feels like we really need to notice life, and what matters.  What really matters is ending all of the games and realizing we need to take care of what is all around us.  Forget about the agendas of others trying to stir up hate and fear.  We need to get to a place of peace within and heal ourselves from our mentality of having to have it all.  There is no way we can digest money if there are no crops.  There is no way we can educate our children if we just teach to a test.  There is no way we can understand each other if we are driven to hate each other.  There is no way any mother, father, wife, brother or sister needs to send someone they love off to fight in wars that are about fear and global domination. 
So how do we stop this hate and fear treadmill we are on?  Take a look around you.  You start with you.  Perhaps you need to go into a hall of mirrors and look at yourself.  Do you love yourself enough to start with being at peace with who you are?  Do you really need to control or dominate the people around you?  I thought we were human and doesn't that mean we can reason with each other?  Or are we animals still?  It is amazing what we can create. 
Peace is not an expletive, it is a state of being.

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