Monday, July 21, 2014

Maybe We Don't Want An Answer

Hello, I am back, but that doesn't matter.  I have been going through my own journey and you have been going through yours.  Sometimes we pause, and sometimes the larger questions seem to be completely without an answer, because frankly, no one wants to be 'told' anything.  In the beginning, there was Joseph Campbell's words that seemed to urge me on the "fool's staircase", venturing into an unknown world to discover for myself, that beliefs were created by others, but what my life's business was to find my own essence.  I wondered if I had put my faith in a man-made God or if there was a real one out there that was beyond any book ever written.  What about our myths?  Was Zeus real?  What about the Gods and Goddesses?  Where the hell did they come from?  When did men not need the gods?  Why do we keep looking for saviours?  Why do we keep looking for villains?  Do we still need this duality?  

So, I have been thinking a lot.  I have been doing a lot, but that's for a later time.  I went to a further question, perhaps one that will threaten a lot of people who hold positions in society.  Do we need the 'expert' anymore?  As this age matures, we really do have the power to learn every and anything, on our own.  Teachers won't like to be told that, but if we have the holy grail of information and technology at our hands, we do have the capacity to self-learn.  The most important grades will be at the lower levels where information acquisition and problem solving foundations are laid.  Yes, this is speculation, but if for a moment, we can set aside our fears and grasping for importance, there will be a time when we have an advisor to guide us through information.  If teachers are honest, they are just guides, and not the all knowing subject matter experts as information changes in our flow of time.  

My point is, not a one of us, in our heart of hearts wants to be told what is reality.  We are born into this one act play and we can't leave the stage until we have our death scene.  There is no rehearsal, there are no practice shots or 'do-overs'.   An apprenticeship to live that comes without degree or honors, it's only in the doing that we go forward.  

I was under the illusion that my journey was over.  If I was to try to pinpoint where I am on this chart, well, I would say that I have been all over the place.  We all are going through this journey.  Actually, when you think about life this way, doesn't it make it more real?  Every day, you wake up, in your day and age, to answer your inner call.  Initially, you make reject the call over and over again, until one do something different.  Perhaps it's an act of kindness.  Perhaps you say something you have been holding back.  Perhaps, in a foolish moment of courage you do something that makes you a superhero.  Whatever it is, suddenly, you realize that returning to 'business as usual' is not going to work anymore.  

You know, sometimes, you wind up losing what you need to lose in order to have what you need to have.  You wind up trusting something bigger than yourself and you don't know how it happened.  You suddenly believed again, quite possibly at the biggest moment of a crisis of faith.  Or maybe what happened is you began to realize that no book can tell you how your life is supposed to be.  No book can live your life FOR you.  

There have been many sages, prophets, wise men, geniuses throughout the ages that merely discovered what was already there.  They could see it.  They found a new calling, to make others see what the world was blind to.  How many have said, "you can't think that way, it's crazy?"  No one has done it before!  Our limitations exist for what reason?  The laws of science say gravity holds everything in place, so we can't fly, so we found a different way.  We can't stay underwater, so we found a different way.  We can't breathe in space, so we found a different way.  We can't change time...
So we find a different way.  We change now.  Whenever there is a limiting factor in your life, remember this chart.  Where are you at in your Hero's Journey?  I look at it all of the time, because somehow, it gave my life some importance.  That I would be significant enough to matter in this world.  We all matter.  It only takes a moment to change in a person's life.  It's like love.  That intangible that hits you.  You make a choice to pursue or to retreat in a split second when you see that person.  You may be destroyed or you may be in for the ride of your life.  You don't know which, but you make a choice.  

Everyday, we are filled with opportunity.  Wherever we go, whatever we do, we should never lose that vision.  If we are getting presented with the same questions every day, we have to be prepared to give the answer ourselves.  No one should speak for you or me.  Discoveries...are only real when we make them.  Maybe we might know who we are and what we want if we take these journeys.

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